• A Game Geek armed with a Degree in English Literature

The Old Republic Failure

Escaping to a galaxy far far away never seemed so tantalizing. A huge game, rumored to have had the biggest budget in video-game history, ten years in the making, tons of marketing, outstanding quality, voice-acting, a story you can follow… The Old Republic had it all… And yet why did it fail so hard? Make … Continue reading

Resume / Portfolio

MOHAMAD TEMSAH                3275 Sheppard Avenue East, Scarborough, ON M1T 3P1, APT 304 H: (647) 929-1138 / C: (416) 519-4824 / Blog: temsahmohamad.wordpress.com         E-Mail: temsahmohamad@gmail.com CAREER OBJECTIVE: To obtain a part-time position in data entry or similar office job, working in a challenging position that would test the limits of my skills and demand … Continue reading

Welcome Back Mister Me

I think it’s been a year since my last post. Three hundred and sixty-five days of unabashed and unapologetic ignorance on my part. Here I am, in Canada, my Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature gathering dust while I delve into the gaming industry with my pants on my head and zucchini under my nails. I … Continue reading

300 – 40,000

There’s nothing, nothing, quite like the feeling of revelatory horror of waking up one morning and realising, “Oh my God, I’m underpaid as shit.” Especially when said revelation is accompanied by a fun point-of-reference fact, in this case being a freaking table buster makes $300 more than I do. Three. Hundred. How ridiculously appropriate; I’m … Continue reading

The Romans and the Machine

I haven’t fed my bog in, what, a week? The entity is starving, and I must satiate its hunger. You’d think I’d be more attentive, knowing that one day machines will achieve sentience, but I’ve been slipping. Blog, please accept my humble apologies. I bring you an offering to quell your automaton anger: An expansive … Continue reading

Requiem for Sanity

I was humming merrily on my drive to work today. And on a Saturday. Humming because, while I did not manage to see it through to the end, I took part in an epic guildie raid on the Black Temple, home of the outcast, demonic and maddened Illidan Stormrage. T’was fun. T’was brilliant. I’ve never … Continue reading

Respite or Rebuke

Previously, I stated that I would remain awake after my usually-brief 5:00 a.m. rise and see how it goes. I think it too early still to consciously decide whether or not my body is going on strike, but I’ll make the assessment over a period of time, recording how I feel as the day progresses. … Continue reading

A Silk-Spun Situation

It appears as though Hiroim wants to assimiliate my blog and make it his own. I don’t care if he is a servant of the Holy Light, he ain’t having it. Lazy weekend; didn’t move around much, remained nestled in my den for the better part of the day; I don’t mind, as lazy weekends … Continue reading

Account of Hiroim’s Life

Mahd Polaris was a human of Stormwind Descent born and raised in the mountain-home of the Wildhammer dwarves, Aerie Peak. Abandoned by his parents for no explained reason, he was brought up by a family of Dwarves who took him in as one of the Wildhammer clan due to his natural gift with Gryphon-tending. Despite … Continue reading

Journal Entry 2: Self-Betterment through Discipline

Holy Light, hear my cry My eyes are burning My heart is cold My night is plagued with death Holy Light, hear my cry Cool my eyes Warm my heart Let me dream again Day 1 Slow today. It seems that my previous estimates for monetary gain over time were off; I should have hired … Continue reading